Team Yellowfin



The ERAU AUV Team decided to redesign for the 2016 AUSVI Competition. The new vehicle is based around a redesigned hull and electronics package. The core electronics remain the same from last year, but with the addition of a NI-Daq and hydrophones in order to increase the task completion capabilities. The new vehicle is designed around 6 thruster propulsion system, utilizing 4 polynomic thrusters for movement and turning and a pair of thrusters for vertical motion.



  • Frame
    • Custom Designed Aluminum Frame
    • iM2300 Pelican Storm Case
    • Buoyancy:45.64 lbs
    • Dimensions: 18.20" L x 13.40" W x 6.70" H
  • Control
    • Thrusters: 6 Blue Robotics T200
    • Run Time: 3 Hours
    • Power: 3 Lithium Polymer Batteries (Two 6 Cell, One 5 Cell)
  • Electronics
    • Cameras: Two Point Grey Blackfly GigE Cameras
    • VN-100 IMU
    • BMP085 Pressure/Temperature Sensor
    • Intel Galileo
    • NI 9181 CompactDAQ
    • Four Teledyne Reson Hydrophones