Team Yellowfin



With access to new sensing capabilities and the desire to expand the functionality and capabilities of the platform, the team elected to redesign the chassis for both the 2017 competition integration with the association’s Maritime RobotX Platform, Minion. The vehicle was designed around having the capability to do most anything underwater, while providing students a framework to easily work on the components of their interest.

Yellowfin II


  • Frame
    • Custom designed and manufactured chassis
    • Streamlined hydrodynamic profile
    • Machined aluminum pressure vessel
  • Controls
    • 6 Degrees of freedom
    • 7 Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters
      • 4 Holonomic
      • 3 Vertical
  • Sensing
    • 2x PointGrey Blackfly GigE Cameras
    • VectorNav VN-100 IMU
    • Nortek DVL 1000
    • Teledyne Blueview M900
    • 4x Teledyne Reson TC4013 Hydrophones
    • Ni 9181 DAQ
  • Electronics
    • Custom power board
    • Custom motor controller board
    • Pico-ITX Main Computer
    • 2x NVidia Jetson TX1